• “With switching insurance companies, I had to wonder what kind of people I would be working with. We don’t have to wonder anymore!  Wonderful.”
  • “They have unparalleled products and service and that is why we have trusted them since 1979 with our 50+ location franchise”
  • “Besnard is always available 24×7 and everyone is assigned a personal service manager dedicated to them”
  • “They are specialized in my business so there whole team are experts in my issues and risks”
  • “I don’t have to deal with some service center or some random person…I deal with the same professional every time”


  • It is comforting to know that everyone at Besnard and Associates has my business interests as their top priority in their list of objectives.  Their staff is very knowledgeable relative to the insurance industry and my policies in particular.”
  • “By having Besnard Insurance as a partner, I can focus on running my business knowing that they are always looking out for my best interests.”
  • “They have unparalleled products and service and that is why we have trusted them since 1979 with our 50+ location business”


  • “I saved around 40% when I first switch to Besnard and it has been competitive since then”
  • “My long-term costs of insurance have gone down and I also have less claims now due to more safety awareness education being delivered to my employees”
  • “Their insurance carriers are the very best with claims teams who know my business and keep the claims costs down”


  • “Once you start doing business with Besnard, you will never leave”
  • “For 23 years I did not know that an agency could deliver so much value”


  • “Besnard is specialized in our business and it is obvious with all the online resources they make available tailored to us”
  • “I called the insurance company’s free hot-line with all sorts of daily situations and they acted as my advisor”
  • “They help me run safety meetings for my restaurants and have endless resources to better my business and reduce risks”

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