We are a unique partner which supports your agency’s growth and future.
We proudly support agencies seeking to navigate ownership succession while meeting their current or future needs.

Looking for an alternative transition, diversification, or…?
The Besnard Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions team provides one benefit above all, customized solutions based on your circumstance or needs.  Besnard Insurance is a well-capitalized acquirer of independent insurance agencies that are looking for partnerships with like-minded agents, people, and leadership.  Our dedicated team of professionals will lead you through the consultative process and provide a variety of options to ensure the partnership works for everyone involved.  If you qualify and then are offered to become part of the Besnard Insurance family, know that you and your people’s success is valued with Besnard.

Protecting your legacy, agency, people, and customers.
By joining our network, you’ll gain the opportunity to extend and strengthen your existing customer relationships.  With access to innovative technologies and the full range of Besnard Insurance resources, you’ll be able to provide more insurance choices for your customers—all while maintaining your office and the way that made you successful.

Our ambition is to offer everyone an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, no matter where they’re starting from.

If you’re willing to work hard, and live our values, Besnard Insurance can change your life and the lives of others.