The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all.  And, while the pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, we are also deeply concerned about its impact on your business and our economy.  The stakes for our clients, their employees, and the U.S. economy are high.  We are addressing these aspects with the following concurrent efforts.

Helping Others

We have given much to support communities across America in this critical time of need.  Please visit to see our COVID-19 specific responses and other giving.  As in past years, I have also pledged over 50% of the amount of my pre-tax salary to these causes.

The Future 

We value your business and you need a broader insurance solution to cover pandemic risks.  That is why I have written to Congress (<-click to read) and the Administration (<-click to read) to offer Besnard’s support for and assistance in helping to create a pandemic risk solution that can accelerate your businesses recovery AND provide protection for your business against future pandemic risks.  After 9/11, it took the U.S. Government over a year to create a Terrorism program and they must act quicker this time.

We believe that a pandemic risk insurance program is essential for our clients and all businesses. It should:

  • Facilitate access to capital from both lenders and equity markets that will require assurance against future pandemic risks.
  • Establish a viable insurance market with sufficient and affordable capacity for pandemic risk.
  • Create greater certainty for both clients and employees if we face a recurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic or we have a future pandemic.
  • Enhance the resilience of the US economy and its ability to bounce back quicker following a future pandemic.

Our Business and You

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we remain committed to being here for you by helping you manage impacts to your organization and by developing short-term solutions while advocating for future solutions to help mitigate risks to your business.  We are leaving no stone unturned to find options that might help you in the short-term while also working on next years insurance renewals with the impacts of this pandemic.

Our hearts are with you as we continue to keep your business, employee’s, family, friends, and communities in our thoughts and prayers during these unprecedented times.  We will continue to work, harder than anyone, behind the scenes on further ways to help while being available 24/7 to support you.

Thank you for your partnership and business, and please stay safe and healthy.



Adam Besnard
President & CEO, Besnard Insurance