We are listening and we are here for you.  Based on overwhelming calls and concerns, we have learned that the majority of your employee’s do not have any sort of health coverage.  As a result, you are losing employees to others, but you now can offer Voluntary Limited Benefit Medical Plan to your employees at no cost to you, the employer.

For less than $65 per month, your employee’s can be covered.  With more of your employee’s having access to basic health coverage, there are countless benefits including, but not limited to: reduced employee turnover, improved employee satisfaction, attract new employees, reduced sickness in the workplace including less employees calling in sick, and the improved health of your employees and their families.

Bottom line, it is critical to your business to keep your restaurants staffed and open while also having employee’s healthy.  At no cost to you, it is critical that you offer such a plan to your employee’s as soon as possible to stay competitive.

Step 1:

Return this form to begin the process.  Once returned, you will be contacted to answer any questions you might have.

Voluntary Health Plans Employer Request Access Form (CLICK HERE)

Step 2:

Return this form to complete setup, receive your custom web site (so employee’s can enroll in plans), and learn how you will be notified of paycheck deductions.

Voluntary Health Plans Employer Setup (CLICK HERE)