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AmTrust and Besnard Insurance have partnered to deliver more value to McDonald’s Owner/Operators.

Here at AmTrust, we pride ourselves on handling claims expertly and expeditiously.  We understand that a timely conclusion of claims is important to all parties involved.

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Claims Processing Features:
  • AmTrust’s professional claims staff has an average of 20+ years of experience.
  • Our claims adjusters maintain low workloads, enabling them to effectively manage claims.
  • We use an automated claim system and operate in a paperless environment.
  • Three-point contact is immediately initiated with the injured worker, employer and doctor.
  • Our Medical Director assists in determining proper diagnoses, provides access to treating physicians, and holds peer-to-peer reviews to discuss claims directly with physicians.
Customer Benefits:
  • 24/7 centralized call center staffed by special claims operators who provide assistance for reporting claims, allowing claimants, policyholders and producers to speak with a live person.
  • Injured employees, medical providers and others are paid without delay.
  • Return-to-work options are initiated through a joint effort among the employer, physician and injured employee.
  • Favorable claims load per claims representative enables us to handle claims quickly and judiciously. Each business segment is supported by a senior position with a high level of experience.
  • Preferred One Source Repair Program streamlines claims handling for automobile repairs through quality, authorized collision repair facilities across the country.

Below are a few resources that you should find useful in addition to information provided by our expert consultants assigned to your business.

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Claims Reporting

In the unfortunate event that a work injury occurs, rest assured that we will be with you every step of the claims process. Through our vast experience of claims handling, we know that partnering with the employer and physician helps all parties involved. As soon as a work injury is reported, our dedicated claims adjuster manages the process from start to finish. The claims adjuster:

  • Confirms coverage
  • Investigates the work injury thoroughly
  • Monitors the appropriate medical treatment plan
  • Facilitates a return-to-work program
  • Negotiates a settlement
To file a first injury report:
Phone – 1.888-239-3909
E-mail –

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