Markel – Information and Services

Markel and Besnard Insurance have partnered to deliver more value to Owner/Operators.

Markel is here to serve our nation’s small businesses. We don’t hold to the “business as usual” arena and live and breathe service and innovation, every day.

At Markel, we are passionate about providing superior service. We started in 1997 with three employees and a clear vision: To provide access to stable insurance coverage in the volatile industry of workers’ compensation. Today we:

  • Partner with Besnard Insurance for Owners/Operators, our relationship has been strong for over 5 years
  • Service our customers in 36+ states
  • Serve over 90,000 policyholders

We are committed to building a stable, long-standing relationship with our Agents and Policy Holders. While other insurance markets may come and go, we have never left a state in which we were working with independent agents. Our history of profitability gives agents the confidence they need to stake their reputation on Markel as their small business insurance market.

Passion.  Innovation.  Dedication.

Below are a few resources that you should find useful in addition to information provided by our expert consultants assigned to your business.

Claims Reporting

If you or your employee has been injured at work and requires care, report this to us immediately regardless of the information you have at hand. 

Markel understands the importance of knowledgeable claims professionals prepared to answer your questions with personal attention and expertise.  With associates available across four time zones, you are sure to find the claims assistance you need – when you need it.

Phone in Claims: tel: 888-500-3344

Fax Claims:  877-444-6806

Report a claim via the web :

Email Claims:

Once a claim is reported, the adjuster assigned to your area will make contact within 24 hours.

New claim notices should include the following information.

  • Policy Number
  • Insured and Claimant Names with Contact Details
  • Date of Loss
  • Location and Description of Loss
  • All pertinent documentation available (incident report, police report, witness information, photos, etc.)

Manager Safety Training Online

Manager’s Safety University –

Delivering Safety Training Online to McDonald’s Managers and Supervisors

Owner/Operator Safety Newsletter

Our McDonald’s Safety Newsletter – Profiting From Safety

Policyholder Login and Payments

As a Policy Holder, we offer you the ability to utilize the Insured Service Center.  You will be able to view billing details, make one-time payments or set-up recurring payments.  The automation of recurring payments allows you to avoid installment fees and the risk of late fees.  Recurring payments will be withdrawn on the installment due date.

Returning Users:  Click here to login to the Insured Service Center if you are a Policy Holder.
New Users: Click here if you are a Policy Holder and would like to set up a new account.

Autodraft/Direct Debit Form

Report Fraud

To Report Suspected Fraud
Call:  888-281-5155

Store Safety Posters

Posters – See Our Full Catalog


Short Videos – See Our Full Catalog

Insurance Certificates

Online Request Form

More Safety Materials – Online Ordering

Workers Compensation Resource Page Request

Full Time Loss Prevention and Claims Resource

Contact Safety at or to have our team help you be the best and truly “profit from safety”