Besnard Insurance started insuring McDonald’s in 1979.  Our experience makes us more qualified to protect business exposures against risks inherent to McDonald’s.  Since the beginning, McDonald’s Owner/Operators have seen us as a trusted partner.  Insuring McDonald’s is what we do and offering the most comprehensive and competitive solutions is why we are successful.

Below are just a few reasons why McDonald’s Owner/Operators across the country tell us we are more qualified to be their insurance partner:

  • Besnard has been a supplier partner dedicated to providing value to McDonald’s since 1979.
  • Besnard is approved by McDonald’s Corp. and exceeds their expectations daily.
  • Besnard attends local McDonald’s ROA’s and supports McDonald’s local communities and charities.
  • Besnard offers the lowest rates because they have partnerships with insurance companies that are confident in their claims management (lower case loads per adjuster, more experienced personnel, adjuster dedicated to your business, trained specifically to handle McDonald’s, etc.).
  • Besnard’s insurance carriers goes to McDonald’s Corp. annually to learn from each other and strengthen the partnership – They know your business better than any other insurance carrier and provide overall value to the McDonald’s system.
  • Besnard’s team works actual shifts in McDonald’s stores to be sure they understand the business and work environment.  This result’s is a high level of service and increased value.  This also shows their dedication to the brand.
  • Besnard invests and partners with Owner/Operators to support safety training initiatives.  This is paired with online resources like those found on in addition to videos, newsletters, flyers, bulletins, etc.
  • Besnard’s McDonald’s owner/operator clients and friends are ALL raving fans…this is not just another insurance agency.

Our staff has designed comprehensive insurance programs for McDonald’s for over 30 years and we look forward to continuing to grow with our McDonald’s Owner/Operators.

Let Besnard & Associates coordinate your business and personal exposures to avoid a coverage gap, get better service, and reduced costs. Call 877.200.1718.


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