Workers Compensation


How We Help:  We help you manage the cost of work-related injuries while complying with state regulations.  We have preferred relationships with restaurant-specific workers’ compensation insurance carriers to ensure you get the best price and improved value tailored to your needs.



How We Help:  We help you navigate the ever changing restaurant property insurance marketplace whether you have restaurants located on the coast or within the interior United States.

General Liability

Basics:  Customer related accidents can be frequent if not with the best partners.

How We Help:  We design extremely competitive rate plans and outstanding coverages customized to restaurants.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


How We Help:  We provide coverages and HR support packages to help you protect yourself against wrongful employment practices including wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Umbrella/Excess Liability


How We Help:  We provide options to help protect your restaurant business from catastrophic loss issues. Our excess and umbrella liability insurance policies acts as extra liability protection.  This type of coverage starts when a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing liability coverage.

Network Security and Privacy Liability


How We Help:  This optional restaurant insurance offers liability insurance for damages arising from a failure of a computer security or a wrongful release of private information. This may also include the costs to retain public relations assistance in the event of a covered crisis. Also available for the costs to notify consumers of a release of private information, as well as costs to provide credit-monitoring and other remediation services in the event of a covered incident.

Trade Name Restoration (food bourne illness)

Basics:  Restaurant entities face unique exposures when it comes to food borne illness, accidental & malicious contamination and products extortion. This optional coverage helps you manage through the expenses associated with an event.

How We Help: 

Other Coverages

We offer unique insurance solutions also for Liquor, Windstorm, Commercial Auto, and More.