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Primary/Expert:  Becca

Backup:  Sue

Flip Book

Primary/New:  Mike

Backup/Prior:  Adam


Primary/New:  Lindsey

Backup/Prior:  Steve


Primary/New:  Steve

Backup/Prior:  Mindee

IT/Technology Systems Education

Primary:  Joey Alfonso

Coates IT / Lindsey


Primary/Expert:  Lisa Lutz

Backup:  Lindsey Butler


Lindsey, Steve, Adam, Sue

Certificate of Insurance

Online Form Client Completes/Returns


Primary/Expert:  Lindsey

Besnard Insurance – Online Bond Form/Application

DVA – Online Bond Form/Application

Personal Excess

Primary/Expert:  Vee

Backup:  Angie or Becca

Online Form Client Completes/Returns is on this page (link changes on this page every month)

Wind Buy-Down

Primary/Expert:  Vivian

Backup:  Becca or Other CM’s

Online Form Client Completes/Returns is on this page below the video


Primary/Expert:  Angie

Backup:  Lisa S., Milly, and Others

Surplus Lines Tax Filing


Primary/Expert:  Vivian

Backup:  Kristina and Lisa Soto

All Other States

Primary/Expert:  Becca

MSU/RSU Support (online training for restaurant managers)g

Primary/Expert:  Mike or Brian

Online Request Form

Loss Runs/History

Primary/Expert:  ResourcePro

Backup:  Client Manager or Ashley

Online Request Form